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2023 Colorado Judge Info

Become a judge for Colorado's Elite Cannabis Competition

So you want to judge in Colorado's Elite Cannabis competition? Where else can you legally get the best products in Colorado put together in a beautiful package for you to sample in the privacy of your home? There is also the ultimate bragging rights that you get to be a part of this incredible experience!

Of course it's not all fun and games to be a judge for us. Okay, let's be honest, it is a lot of fun. Our judges biggest feedback is that it is a truly rewarding experience, but it also requires quite a bit of work on their part. You must be able to schedule regular intervals to sample all of the product you will receive over the two month timeframe. We ask that all of our judges take this as seriously as our competitors do. They put a lot of time into creating the best cannabis products on the market and your votes can help boost a company's notoriety and help them be more successful.

A win in the THC Championship can help propel a company to new levels of success! With that in mind, signing up to be a judge is a commitment. If you just want to get a bunch of product to sample but don't vote on time then a lot of people's efforts have been wasted. So if you don't think you can stick with this commitment then judging this competition is not for you. If you think you can bring value with your expert opinion, hit the sign up button below and you will begin to step into the world of elite cannabis in Colorado!


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